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About Business Virtual Card

The Business Virtual Card is meant to be an elegant introduction to your business or specific products or services you are providing. It will provide more information about you, your business and all important contact info needed. 

Your Business Virtual Card can give your visitors opportunity to dig deeper on any specific topic you want and it could also provide more deep info by linking into your existing Web site.

If you don't have Web site, you could use your Business Virtual Card as your Web presence page. 

The Business Virtual Card is just like one page flyer for your business advertising and it will have opportunity to be printed as a flyer if you want.

With Business Virtual Card all interested parties will have a fast and unique opportunity to promote their presentations, Web sites and online marketing messages directly to prospective audience.

The Business Virtual Card will cost you only $60 per year (for maximum 600 characters, 1picture, 1 logo and template). If you want renewal for the same Business Virtual Card after one year, you will have 30% discount for your next year. In case your basic contact information is changed (different address or phone numbers, updates are free). If you want to change your message logo or picture there will be $10.00 maintenance fee per change. Click here to view sample...

Order 10 virtual tours per year from Click Virtual and get FREE Business Virtual Card for a full year.

Click on the product menu to the left to find more info about products and services we provide. Use the showcase menu to the right to see a selection of our example virtual tours and featured virtual tours.

Please feel free to order by using order buttons from the product menu to the left or to contact us if you want to explore more possibilities. 

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