3D Virtual Tour

3D Virtual Tours are efficient and effective speakers for the products, services and properties you are selling. Click Virtual Tour specialize in virtual tour production, Web hosting and Web development services. From inexpensive to complex customized presentations we work with each client to achieve an impressive and cost-effective solution.

The most important part in gaining new customers and retaining them on your website longer is interesting way to demonstrate what you have to offer and where your business is situated. Virtual tours have proven to be one of the most popular enhancements to online marketing. An interactive virtual tour impresses the viewers deeply and keeps them on your Web site longer. 

The 3D virtual tour image usually represents one location or one room and allows the computer user to have complete freedom to fully explore the location presented by using the mouse or the keyboard to look up to the ceiling, down to the floor, left and right, including zooming in and out! The impression it is just as if you are standing right there! 

Applications include: real estate, travel, tourism, attractions, accommodations,restaurants,entertainment, events, medicine, art galleries, museums, science, technology, manufacturing, product presentations, auctions, eCommerce and much more. 

Virtual tour CD could be used to demonstrate a product or property off-line, in your marketing suite or trade show, at your desk or in front of interested parties. The possibilities are endless.

All our Standard 3D Virtual Tour Service Packages include but not limited to: 
nVirtual tour from our server with instant link to all other active virtual tours you ordered from us.
nCustomized virtual tour link from our server emailed to you, which you could use anywhere you want.
nInclusion of your logo, picture, promotional text and direct broker/agent/owner links for contact information.
nInteractive drop down box menu that allows viewers to pick the area of the property to view.
nEvery 3D Virtual Tour is also linked internally, which allows someone viewing the tour to click on hotspots (little doors) to move between rooms in a natural way.
nThe virtual tour is up and running automatically for 91 days. Prior to the due date time you will receive an email asking whether you would like to extend the length of the tour. You can do this at no extra cost for up to twelve months. Hosting after that costs just $12/ per year for a typical tour. You have the ability to contact us to take down the virtual tour at any time.
nSelf Managed Client Administrative Area to update virtual tour description and seller/agent information 24/7.
nFree access to download two high-res still photos of your property (front and back exterior images of the property) to use for your feature sheet, MLS listing or any other own marketing efforts.
nDirect links for local community information.
nFree exposure for your virtual tour from our web trafic.
n"E-mail VR to Friend" Feature to send the virtual tour to friend or anyone else with a click of a button.

Standard Bronze 3D Virtual Tour Service Package - Only $75.00
Six points virtual tour with all other features included in our Standard 3D Virtual Tour Service Package.

Standard Silver 3D Virtual Tour Service Package - Only 95.00
Eight points virtual tour with all other features included in our Standard 3D Virtual Tour Service Package. 

Standard Gold 3D Virtual Tour Service Package - Only 110.00
Ten points virtual tour with all other features included in our Standard 3D Virtual Tour Service Package.

Custom Platinum 3D Virtual Tour
3D Virtual Tour customized to your specific requirements. Please contact us for additional info.

Optional Extras

nOrder Feature Sheet - $8.00
nOrder CD - $18.00
nFeatured Broker/Agent/Owner - $15.00/ per month
nAdvertise Your Virtual Tour - $15.00/ per month
nAdvertise Your Business - $15.00/ per month
nOrder Business Virtual Card - $60.00/per year
nBecame VBT Sponsor & Advertise - $25.00/per month (minimum 3 months)
nBecame 3DVT Sponsor & Advertise - $50.00/per month (minimum 3 months)

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If you believe that our reasonably priced quality Virtual Tour would add value to your business, we invite you to try out our services. We guarantee our services will meet or exceed your expectations! 

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