Targeted Commercial Advertising

Most successful businesses invest a significant percentage of their revenues in advertising. Advertising message must be sufficiently meaningful and strong to survive the consumers' selective retention processes. 

Marketers cannot afford unlimited advertising exposure, so they strive for the selective exposure that will fall within the perception range of the target market. Putting your business on market without effective and targeted advertising is like having your potential customers searching for a needle in the ocean. 

Increase Your Sales With A Virtual Tour

Did you know that when our mind really thinks, it thinks in pictures? If you're not creating images to get your product or service on the market, you're missing out on a lot of potential. You're not scoring points. What are you waiting for? Involve your audience, by getting them visualizing.

Keep in mind that here is absolutely no point in holding back your greatest benefit until you get half way down the ad. Because unless your prospect are hooked right away they won't even make it past the first couple of lines. So your images and your headlines should ideally shout the greatest benefit your product will give to the consumer. Using virtual tour in your targeted commercial advertising means that you start your advertising with your biggest gun first or with the greatest possible benefit that your prospect can gain by owning your product.

A large number of Canadians search for information online. Therefore, at the same time they are developing a habit to use Internet for other needs. There is a growing demand for buying products online like: vacations, beauty products, gifts, furniture, fashion, baby products, art, cleaning products, entertainment tickets, foods, wines, even houses, and cars. Many Canadians under 40 now live in households where both spouses are employed in well-paying professional jobs and where is not enough time for standard shopping or old-fashioned way of researching for product information. The buying power is impressive and is characterized by a demand for more information and better quality product. The virtual tour is marketing tool used with a definite attempt to simplify their shopping habits.

There has been a substantial increase in the consumer's desire for convenience. What could be more convenient than shopping or searching for right product from home? Virtual tour serve as well trained team of salespeople fully prepared to work 24/7.

For smart business owners who rely on specific users or locals to keep their business alive, every customer is valuable. And since consumers have become largely immune to all kind of ads after the excessive pop-ups and in-your-face advertising of the past years, anything that attracts their attention automatically gives your business an edge over the competition. 

Virtual tour is usually a more 'relaxed' form of advertising. So try different approach, don't try to sell the product when you are advertising virtual tour, invite them to visit your online presentation without obligation and sell the benefit of presentation. What could be better, then relaxed user and targeted ads that are localized to the user's interest or region and thus directly relevant to him or her? 

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